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Huwebes, Hunyo 12, 2014

Follow What the Bible Says, Not the Voices of the Skeptics

Article # 1

I want to be successful. I want to be prosperous. I want God to bless the works of my hands. I want God to give me long life to be of service to my family and to humanity. These are my prayers. 

In order to receive answer from God, I should not do it my way, but His way. The question is how will I know His way? That's why God gave to us the Bible. Our duty is to know so we can obey.

But I have been hearing a lot of voices, mostly from experts, theologians and pastors (never mind about atheists for the Bible clearly says that fools deny that there is God) who claim to teach the word of God. All they preach and teach are doubts, and they say it's healthy to your faith. As a result, I almost found nothing to believe any more, and waste my time defending what I believe. 

How about ignore their voices? How about follow what the Bible tells you? They say its difficult to be certain about the real meaning of the Bible. However, do you still believe in the perspicuity of the Bible that even a child can understand it? If you still do, ignore them. Life is too short, and you are not getting any younger wasting your time refuting them. Unbelief has an infinite source of arguments. They will never run out.

I believe that I have been blessed already in Jesus. In Christ, I already received the greatest wealth that man can ever received in life (Ephesians 1:3-14). But I also believe that this spiritual wealth is not only something internal or intellectual. It should have an external manifestation in my life. Others must see it. This is my witness. If I fail to do this because I insist doing my own way, I am a poor witness to the power of grace. 

And so I decided to study the Bible beginning from Genesis. I have been spending my time to always prepare myself to read the Bible by reading first economic books. But there is no end to economic books. The more I read, the more I discover that I know so little. And the bad news, my greatest asset, which is my time is running out. So when are you going to start restudying your Bible? There is no suitable time than now!

In studying the Bible, I need a guide, and I already made up my mind that I will use an economic commentary of the Bible, which is taken for granted by many.

And so I will start in the book of Genesis. I will read this commentary, and whatever insights that speak to me, I will take note of them, and rewrite them as my way of clarifying the ideas that are presented.

Just one reminder: skip the things that you do not understand, and just focus on the things that you understand. 

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